Real Account

To start trading on the currency market you should open a real account. It has much in common with a traditional bank account. It is opened with a broker who will further use it to trade on the market. You will use this account for such purposes:

  • to enter the market,
  • to make deals,
  • to earn a real profit.

Mind, that you can open several trading accounts. In such a way you will be able to realize various trading strategies. This will also help you separate your financial tools without mixing them. Trading accounts can be opened by both novices and experienced traders. When choosing an account type you should take note of the volume of your investment capital, trading style, and market experience.

To get a real account, you should first register with a broker. The registration will take place after a thorough review of your personal data to avoid any future complications regarding the identity of the account holder. You can send funds to your trading account in many ways, every broker has his own set of proposals regarding the account replenishment. A trading account can be replenished by various means, for instance - transferring money from a credit card. You can later withdraw the earned funds to the same bank account.

Trade100fm offers you three kinds of accounts. Each of them has its own advantages for trading on Forex. These kinds of accounts are the following:

  • a BASIC type of account (for novices);
  • a GOLD account (for more experienced traders);
  • a PLATINUM account.

A BASIC account can be used by those learning the basic of market trading using a small capital, and not risking huge amounts of money. A GOLD account allows implementing various trading strategies. A PLATINUM deposit is for those ready for large-scale trading and serious risks.

After opening an account with Trade100fm you get access to the multifunctional trading platform MetaTrader 4, known for its broad analytical and functional capabilities. We also offer you a leverage service that may increase the amount of your deposit up to 400 times. Trade100fm also provides you with technical and analytical support.

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