Ottawa Returns to NAFTA Talks

Canadian Foreign Minister Chrystia Freeland on Monday said she would return to Washington, this week for fresh talks on NAFTA.

"I've been in touch today with Ambassador Lighthizer and his team and we agreed that we would continue to talk in Washington later this week," Freeland told media people on Monday. She said the exact day of the meeting is not yet scheduled.

Earlier the media reported that U.S.-Canadian negotiations were proceeding slow due to a great amount of technical work. Unlike Mexico, Ottawa refused to make concessions to Washington on a number of issues.

Earlier Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said his country wouldn’t sing a renewed NAFTA deal if they have to abandon dispute resolution mechanisms and rules on the protection of a cultural sector. "It is inconceivable to Canadians that an American network might buy Canadian media affiliates, whether it's newspapers or TV stations or TV networks," Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said. He also stressed that Canadians just won’t accept such an approach.