Trade100fm offers its clients to make a profit on price fluctuations of precious metals. These assets are less volatile than, for instance, currency pairs. The price movements on the market of precious metals are smooth and easily predictable. Thus, if you follow the principle “slow and steady wins the race”, trading precious metals is just for you.

Trading precious metals are perfect for both beginners and experienced investors. One should remember that the value of precious metals is pegged to the US dollar. When the dollar adds value, precious metals get more expensive. Gold, one of the coinage metals, is treated as a safe haven asset. When wars, economic crises, and global catastrophes are brewing in the world, the demand for gold and his price as well grow quickly.

Gaining Experience

If you need more experience in this kind of trading, our experts will tell you what asset will bring more profit if traded at this or that particular moment.

Register on our platform and get access to a broad variety of forecasting tools, and use the "leverage" service, and thus increase the number of their deposits up to 400 times.

You may also test your own trading strategies using a demo account before opening a real one.

The team of Trade100fm creates the best trading environment for its clients. You can get access to all these advantages by opening a trading account on our platform.

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