Account Verification

The safety of your funds and personal data are of key importance for Trade100fm. We make everything to protect your personal information from the rigging. We thoroughly check your personal content while registering you, replenishing your account, and withdrawing funds on your request.

Please, remember, we will activate your account only if you provide all the necessary documents proving your identity.

In order to register a new client, you should provide documents certifying your personality and the place of the account registration. They are the following:

1.Documents, approving the client’s personality:

  • the photo of a valid driving license (the front and the back sides);
  • the Residence permit or a Foreigner Registration Card (the front and the back sides);
  • the photo of a valid civil passport (the two-page spread with a photo) or an identity card (the front and the back sides).

2. Documents, confirming the client’s place of residence:

  • the photo of your utility bills (electricity, phones, gas, etc.) over the past three months;
  • the photo of the bank statement or any other official document confirming your address valid over the past three months.

The documents should be original and the photos of necessary papers must be of high resolution. All the required information should be sent to this address: [email protected].

Upload documents